FAQ & Tips

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What’s the weather like?
Mérida has tropical weather with the winter months being drier than summer months. The average temperature for October is between high 20°C and low 30°C and, although this time of the year is typically considered off-rain season, you can have the odd wet days here and there.

Is Mérida safe?
Yes! Yucatecos are a gentle, respectful people. The city of Mérida is removed from the violence of Northern Mexico. Crime rates are low. Feel free to walk around the downtown area, with the normal precautions you would take in any city. The villages outside of the city are quiet, small and peaceful.

Do people speak English?
Receptionists and concierge staff at hotels will most likely speak English. You will also find enough tour guides at major attractions that speak the language. Finally, some waiters at restaurants will speak English, but regardless of whether they do it is likely that the menus will be in both Spanish and English.

Getting back from the wedding to your hotel
The wedding venue is 35 minutes away from Mérida city center. Transportation from the Church to the venue will be provided. After the weeding, the most convenient way for you to go back to your hotel is either Uber (yes, there is Uber in Mérida!) or calling a taxi to come pick you up.
The taxi company is called Econotaxi – phone and whatsapp number: +52 (1) 999 945 0000

Recommended beauty parlours in Mérida
Rossi Rodriguez, mobile:+52(1)9991998138
Salón Bamboo, +52(1)2893983 | mobile:+52(1)9992920753
Creppe Salón, +52(1)999 287 7324
Alejandra Herrera Salón, +52(1)9871948

How to get from Cancun to Mérida?
You can jump on a coach directly from the Cancun airport to Mérida city center. There are two bus terminals in Mérida; regardless which one you choose, they will drop you in the city center.
The name of the company is ADO, which is one of the biggest bus companies in Mexico. It offers three different ticket options, ranging from basic to executive class. The cost for a one way ticket is around $650 (mexican pesos, not dollars!) and there should be a bus every 2-3 hours between 14:00 and 21:30. Find out more at this link (sorry, it’s just in Spanish): www.ado.com.mx

Where to buy a traditional Mexican guayabera in Mérida?
Guayabera is the most traditional Mexican shirt; it is considered as very elegant in Mexico for a special event such as a wedding. There must be many different shops in Mérida where you can buy it from, but we recommend Yucabanas